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The Tech Academy Podcast, Ep. 11: Mounir Shita

This week on The Tech Academy Podcast, Erik interviews Mounir Shita, a professional in the AI field, in one of our most interesting episodes!

Mounir Shita is the CEO & co-founder of Kimera Systems, an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) company. "Kimera Systems, Inc. is the developer of Nigel™ – the world’s first human-like artificial intelligence technology that makes networked “smart” devices intelligent." (Source

In this episode, Erik and Mounir start with the basics of "What is AI?" and creating a general theory of intelligence in order to develop AI systems. Mounir compares his company's scientific approach to developing AI vs. the more common engineering approach, talks about the current hype around AI in the media, shares why AI is his passion, and so much more!

Learn more about Kimera on their website: